Beckley Engineering, Inc. mission as an engineering consulting firm is to provide engineering consulting services of unparallel quality and value that will result in enhancing our clients’ advantages in their respective industries.


BEI will approach and efficiently managed and execute each project, without regards to size, with the latest available engineering technology to meet or exceed our clients’ satisfaction while within the schedule and budget. This will enable clients’ retention, thus leading to company profitability.




The philosophy of BEI is that each client will be treated with care, dignity and respect. Our clients will receive the highest quality engineering services provided by the most trained and qualified technical staff. All projects will be executed based on care, competency, quality and highest technology available to ensure and guarantee successful completion of projects to the satisfaction of our clients.




The goals of BEI are as follows:

a. To operate an engineering consulting company that provides the highest quality technical services in a secured and comfortable environment.

b. To ensure successful completion of all projects to meet or exceed our clients’ goals.

c. To ensure profitability of the company by completing all projects within schedule and budget.




BEI is owned and managed by African-American, therefore we are pre-qualified to provide various engineering services and certified as a Disadvantage Business Enterprise and Minority Business Enterprise with the following governmental agencies:


                                      · City of Chicago – All Sisters Agencies

                                      · Illinois Department of Transportation

                                      · Illinois Department of Central Management Services

                                      · Illinois Department of Capital Development Board